Make the most of early season grass

DairyCo’s Chris Duller says make the most of early season grass or risk losing it.

We have one of those wet farms where we can see grass in the fields but the ground just won’t carry the cows yet. I have no fixed idea about when we turn the cows out here and I will be keeping a close eye on things and walking fields regularly now to assess grass cover and ground conditions. As soon as it’s dry enough our girls will be out there!

Click on the link to find out more about the potential of early season grass.


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  • – We made the switch to grass fed beef about 6 mos ago when we went in on a cow with a fnried. We will never go back. I can definitely tell the difference in how I feel and feel so much better feeding it to my daughter. I actually wouldn’t even feed her beef until we were able to find an affordable source for grass fed. I really hope more and more people start making the switch and demanding their food comes from better sources. Maybe then the producers will start taking our health more seriously and more people can afford to eat that way.

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