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In order to canvas opinion from as many people as possible in setting standards for Free Range Dairy producers, a short online survey is now available on the website. Simply click on the answer of your choice to our five simple questions and have your say.

Although the survey is largely aimed at farmers, anyone with an interest in where their milk comes from can take part.  We need to agree how long free range cows spend at grass, what happens to their male offspring and how much grass* the cows should consume when they are housed in the winter.

*For those not familiar with what we feed dairy cows when they are housed in winter, grass is still important on most farms in the form of silage (grass which has been cut during the summer and then stored in a ‘pickled’ form to preserve it). However, a number of dairy farmers now feed maize silage to their cows in winter, either instead of, or alongside, grass silage. However, since Free Range Dairy is all about pasture-based milk production, you may consider that all winter forage fed should be in the form of grass silage.

All responses to the survey will be anonymous and we will post a summary of the results on the website in a few weeks’ time. You can only complete the survey once so please consider your answers carefully.

It has always been my intention to build Free Range Dairy on simple principles, defined by those who look after the cows and consume our milk. This isn’t about clever marketing or creating a false perception – I want us to work together to build a brand that has real integrity and that process starts here.

Thanks for your continued support.

Click here to take our quick survey.

One Response to What’s your opinion?

  • I am a consumer that wants to support and consume dairy products from dairy farmers that farm responsibly, intelligently and innovatively, putting the environment, animal welfare and sustainability at the forefront of all they do. Modern farming methods have increasingly depleted man, land and animals and the increasing interest and enthusiasm for pasture-based dairy farming using biological farming methods is encouraging. Low cost, low impact and robust dairy farming methods must be the way forward with less reliance put on bought in fuel, feed and fertilizer.
    As a consumer I don’t want my milk produced from thrice daily milked 24/7 housed Holstein cows.
    Cows belong on pasture for as many days as possible and even extending the outdoor period into the late autumn early winter time by strip-grazing kale for example makes for healthier and happy cows (so I’m told).
    A smaller robust dairy cow that is efficient at converting grass and milked once-a-day is, in my opinion the future of British dairy farming. Free Range Dairy should encompass best farming practice with all the above encouraged.

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