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You can now make the Pasture Promise online. Just follow the link on the home page or click here. All you need to do is provide your name, address and contact details. We are getting more farmers signing up every day and we are well on the way to establishing a network of like minded producers across the UK.

Next month we will be sending out a simple pasture budget for farmers to complete that will demonstrate that there is sufficient grass on the farm to providing adequate grazing for their herds. We will then be asking those that have taken the Pasture Promise to provide us with a brief case study of their farm, explaining the role of grass on their farm and giving consumers an insight into the benefits of milk from free range herds. But, like our farming, the idea is to keep it simple for all involved.

Join a growing movement – growing grass, growing understanding and growing value.


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  • Dear Free Range Dairy Sir/Madam,

    As a result of receiving a flyer from you through the post, we (Mother, Farther, brother and I) have just signed up today. We are a small family run dairy farm in East Devon, we are currently milking 120 cows. I applaud the movement and hope it’s successful and can follow in the steps of the free range egg campaign. Maybe we could get Jamie Oliver on board!

    Is there anything I could do to help? As I do feel quite passionate about this cause, I mean when we let our cows out in the spring they absolutely love! it, and why should we get paid the same as the farmer that has become so huge in terms of cows they milk, mainly for greed is my opinion (or just to try and keep up with the greedy ones), that they have lost the ability to let their cows out because the ground cannot take the shear volume in terms of disease spread and becoming too water logged from being too intensely trod etc. So I hope your movement is successful! as I believe a happy! cow makes happy! milk!

    Best wishes for success here,

    Yours sincerely,

    Richard Voysey.

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