Neil Darwent

Remaining meeting dates

We are still running a number of Free Range Dairy meetings for farmers around the country to explain our objectives, outline standards for free range milk production and provide details of our strategy for getting free range milk to market.… Continue reading

Community Spirit

How much more can we achieve by working together?

Free Range Dairy Network has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to create just that – a community.

Farmers often find themselves isolated and unheard, living and working… Continue reading

Time for change

A week ago I attended a local meeting arranged by Farmers for Action (FFA) at which David Handley highlighted the need for the British dairy industry to stop promoting increased milk output without first securing markets for that extra milk.… Continue reading

Promar herd margins

Figures produced by James Dunn from Promar Consultancy show that headline rises in dairy herd margins are largely down to increasing milk prices over the last 12 months.

In an article in Dairy Farmer magazine, Mr Dunn showed that whilst… Continue reading

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