Dairy – the real plant based drink?

When I was in a local supermarket last week, I picked up a carton of Alpro Roasted Almond (unsweetened). I noticed, on the packaging, an image of a white liquid, very much like milk, gushing from a split almond and… Continue reading

Cows don’t have a Voice but you have a Choice

Recently, Compassion in World Farming released a map of the UK showing a proliferation of factory farms in the UK. From their research, they’ve found that ‘factory farming has taken over UK food production’ with around 70% of farm animals… Continue reading

What’s wrong with organic milk?

Just recently I came across a new milk label in a supermarket. Well, not a new label exactly, more like an existing label which had two words added to it – ‘free range’. I have since learned that this is… Continue reading

Birmingham’s First Coffee Festival

I was at Birmingham’s first coffee festival this weekend, to support Cotteswold Dairy who were the official milk sponsor for the event. This meant that they provided Pasture Promise free range milk for all of the coffee roasters and baristas… Continue reading

Stephenson’s Free Range Milk in Booths stores

I’m delighted to report that Free Range Milk pioneers, Stephenson’s Dairy, have been offered the chance to supply milk to 24 Booths stores in the north west of England, from July 1st.

Chris & Steph Stephenson took up… Continue reading

Free Range Milk in Mid Counties Co-op stores

I’m delighted to tell you that our mission to offer British consumers the choice of free range milk, has recently been given another significant boost, thanks to Mid Counties Co-op. They are now stocking Cotteswold Dairy’s free range milk in… Continue reading

How will you celebrate World Milk Day?

As World Milk Day celebrations get under way, I thought you might be interested in a few milk stats, to impress anyone you are having round for a few pints of the white stuff. There’s an awful lot of milk… Continue reading

Outstanding Contribution to Farming

I was delighted to receive the award for Outstanding Contribution to Farming at the 2017 Western Daily Press Food & Farming Awards, which were held on Tuesday evening (9th May). It was a great pleasure to get to shake… Continue reading

What does the Election mean for Food and Farming in the UK?

In the run up to the EU Referendum one topic that should have taken centre stage but seemed to be relegated to the understudy role was food and farming.  A fact noticed by others including Professor Kevin Morgan of… Continue reading

Our changing landscape

There hasn’t been much in the news lately about cuts in milk prices or the blockading of supermarket distribution centres by angry farmers. That’s because over the last six months there has been a steady rise in farm gate prices,… Continue reading

The milk revolution has started

Well. It seems that the milk revolution that we have ignited is rapidly spreading, with more and more people beginning to understand that not all milk is the same. Every week there is news and debate about free range milk… Continue reading

ASDA is the first supermarket to stock free range milk with Pasture Promise logo

We want to say a big thank you to Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty as Friday Night Feast has been a gift that keeps on giving. They took our story of Free Range Dairy Network to a much larger audience… Continue reading

Less froth more substance with Pasture Promise Free Range Milk

This month is Sustainable Restaurant Association’s #coffeemadegood campaign which encourages coffee roasters, baristas and consumers to think about where the coffee has come from? They are also encouraging people to think about the milk too. A 6oz cappuccino will consist… Continue reading

Pasture Promise Free Range Milk – Your Cows Need You!

We are absolutely delighted to have received so much interest in Pasture Promise free range milk, following our recent appearance on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast . People everywhere, are demanding to know that the milk they buy comes… Continue reading

Food fight – time for action

If you were one of the many people watching Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast on Channel 4, last Friday, you would have seen the feature on free range milk and the Pasture Promise logo. We are so grateful to… Continue reading

Journey to the end of the pier

I’ve been lucky, very lucky. I have lived in some beautiful parts of the English countryside, worked with some inspiring people and had the privilege of enjoying a close relationship with nature all of my life. There are few jobs… Continue reading

Not All Milk is the Same

Free Range Dairy Network has been using the #notallmilkisthesame for a few months now and as we raise awareness of the work of Free Range Dairy Network, the clearer it becomes that indeed not all milk is the same.

Within… Continue reading

Free Range Dairy Review of 2016

2016 has been a really busy year for Free Range Dairy Network. Having established a collaboration between dairy farmers supplying milk to Dales Dairies and Stephenson’s Dairy in Lancashire, the first free range milk reached the market in May 2015.… Continue reading

Don’t deny us great tasting milk!

When I began talking about the concept of free range milk back in 2011, I was looking for a way to help people understand the role dairy farmers play in defining the quality of the milk we buy and to… Continue reading

Seasonality of Free Range Milk

I was recently asked on Instagram what is free range milk? There’s no recognised standards, so how can you call it free range? In lots of ways that’s true. Free Range Dairy Network is trailblazing in that we are working… Continue reading




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