Lessons from 1924

 Vladimir Lenin

Coincidence is a curious thing. My mother was showing a few family heirlooms to my wife yesterday and stumbled across a fascinating document produced by the NFU in 1924. This was the year that Lenin died and… Continue reading

Protest and Promotion


What will save UK dairy farmers? A supermarket ombudsman, greater transparency in milk supply contracts, the formation of producer organisations, or the dumping of milk to withdraw supplies? Perhaps a combination of all four will go some way to… Continue reading

Engaging folks

I just thought you might like to see a catchy little You Tube clip called ‘I’m Farming and I Grow It’ made by the Peterson Brothers from Kansas, USA. It has already had over 2.5 million views and I think… Continue reading

Simple messages

Please take a look at the short video of cows going out to grass on our farm this spring.

We don’t often have the opportunity to get in front of the public and explain how we manage our cows. Short… Continue reading

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