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Free Range Dairy | Cow Bean MilkFree Range Dairy Network launches its Coffee & Cows campaign (see Press Release) today (27/2/2018), with a new YouGov poll  showing that coffee lovers who care about sourcing sustainable, ethical coffee beans care just as much about their milk. That’s great news for our farmers and cows.

When questioned about the importance of knowing that coffee shops sourced their coffee beans from sustainable sources, using suppliers who pay a fair price to coffee growers in developing countries, 84% of those who choose cows’ milk in coffee from coffee shops, said this was important to them.

When asked similar questions about the provenance of cows’ milk offered in coffee shops, the same number of respondents (84%) said that it was important for them to know that the milk came from farms where cows are assured high welfare. In addition, 84% also said it was important to them that coffee shops sourced their cows’ milk from suppliers who pay a fair price to dairy farmers in the UK.

The poll then asked what was the maximum amount, if anything, that people would be willing to pay on top of the cost of a cup of coffee, if it was made with milk carrying the Pasture Promise logo which pays a premium to farmers and gives cows the freedom to graze for 6 months, compared to milk without the logo? In answer to this question, 64% of respondents said they would be willing to pay an extra 5p, or more, for a cup of coffee made with Pasture Promise free range milk.

Free Range Dairy | Cows Grazing

Coffee is a growing market in the UK and by making a more informed choice about the milk in your coffee, through schemes like the Pasture Promise logo, you’re helping deliver a fair deal for them and their cows.

Now that’s a great a great cup of coffee and if you want your local coffee shop to stock Pasture Promise free range milk please download the leaflet and hand it in or tweet them asking for Pasture Promise free range milk with your coffee.


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