The Free Range Dairy Network CIC (Community Interest Company) works to win recognition and value for traditional, family farms committed to producing great tasting milk, from cows free to graze in fields. By forging closer links between farmers and consumers, we can give everyone the chance to choose the kind of farms that their milk comes from and promote a fair deal for farmers and cows.

We invite both those who produce milk and buy milk, to join us in helping to achieve our goals. Together we can secure the freedom for cows to graze in fields and make milk great again.

If you are a farmer please join us and take ownership of free range milk and prevent it becoming a meaningless dairy brand. If you are a conscientious consumer, please join us as a supporter, to help us keep traditional family farms in business and cows in fields.

Any money we receive from farmers and supporters, will be used to promote our social mission and create opportunities for more farmers to enjoy the recognition and reward they deserve for keeping cows in fields.

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