Farmer Membership

Membership Costs

We need to charge a membership fee to help us grow a movement to promote free range milk production for the benefit of farmers, cows and consumers. Since FRD Network is a Community Interest Company, all monies received are tied into an asset lock and can only be used for activities associated with carrying out our social mission.

There are two different tiers of farmer membership – Farmer Supplier and Associate Farmer.

Farmer Supplier

If you produce milk sold as free range milk under the Pasture Promise logo, or milk manufactured into dairy products sold under the Pasture Promise logo, please select this option.

Associate Farmer

If you do not currently have the opportunity to sell your milk as free range, but want to work with fellow farmers to win the recognition and reward you deserve for your commitment to keeping cows in fields, please select this option.

What it costs

The registration process is the same for both tiers of farmer membership, but we charge a different annual membership fee for Farmer Suppliers (£50) and Associate Farmers (£25), regardless of herd size.

Membership Benefits

Both tiers of farmer membership offers the following benefits:

  • Become part of a Network of like-minded farmers working together to win recognition and value for the farming system you run (both tiers)
  • Share ideas and learn from the experience of others (both tiers)
  • Discounted rates for entry to events organised by Free Range Dairy Network CIC
  • Quarterly newsletter updating you on news of new developments, events and opportunities for free range milk (both tiers)
  • Support with establishing new on-farm processing and marketing of milk and dairy products under the Pasture Promise logo (Farmer Supplier only)


The Membership Process

Step 1 – Register your details.

Step 2 – Select the appropriate membership tier and enter your payment details, via our payment partner GoCardless.

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