The Hospital Club – where Ethics and Flavour meet

Duncan Cruickshanks is one of the leading chefs bringing Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise to his clientele in London.  He’s been Exec/Head Chef at The Hospital Club, which has a three-star rating from the  Sustainability Restaurant Association, since June 2010. He has also been Head Chef at The Rivington Grill Dubai, Head Chef at… Read more »

Free range milk launched in London

This week sees Free Range Dairy CIC take another big step towards offering consumers a more informed choice when they buy milk, as the first Free Range Milk is launched in London. Once again, collaboration with partners in the supply chain, who share our values, is key to helping us keep cows in fields and… Read more »

Media Release – First Free Range Milk in London

Foodspeed leads the way in sustainable dairy for caterers Free Range milk will, for the first time, be served in some of London’s top hotels, restaurants and caterers from today. Consumers, cows and farmers will all benefit from a new initiative that is the result of a partnership between dairy wholesaler Foodspeed, Free Range… Read more »

Force Fed British Families

A new report released by ‘The Food Foundation’ this month called ‘FORCE-FED: Does the food system constrict healthy choices for typical British families?’ takes a closer look at what a typical British family eats and what influences their food choices. The report looked at national data sets, primary data collection, secondary sources alongside interviews to… Read more »

Grazing towards sustainability

Last week I attended the first Global Farm Platform Conference ‘Steps to Sustainable Livestock’, held in Bristol. The event was promoted as a ‘go to’ event for academics, researchers, NGO’s, policymakers and livestock producers working toward sustainability of ruminant systems. Presentations by researchers from all over the world covered themes including Consumption of Human Food… Read more »

Updated website header

Have you noticed our updated website header? It’s just a small change where we have incorporated the Pasture Promise logo with the Free Range Dairy logo. We felt that we wanted to enhance the close association between Free Range Dairy and Pasture Promise. From this:  .. to this:   If you haven’t already, you can… Read more »

No place for calf cruelty in dairy farming

  Most people understand that it is the process of giving birth that stimulates milk production, or lactation, in mammals. In dairy farming the regular birth of calves is essential for keeping cows in a productive state, since the milk naturally begins to dry up around 10 to 12 months after giving birth. This is why most farmers… Read more »

Mega dairies and mistakes – lets learn from the USA

In an article in the Independent (Nov 23rd 2015), about the rise of mega dairies advocates of industrial scale dairy farming suggested that the development of such facilities is essential to make milk production economically viable. However, this is something Free Range Dairy would challenge, as would Prof John E Ikerd quoted in the same article…. Read more »

A big world on a small planet

“We need to update our worldview: we are no longer a small world on a big planet. We are now a big world on a small planet.” I thought that sentence by Johan Rockström a professor in environmental science at Stockholm University and executive director of Stockholm Resilience Centre really captures the problems we are… Read more »

Suckler beef – nurtured by nature

  I was so pleased to read about Deputy NFU President, Minette Batters, promoting beef from suckler herds at the South West Beef event this week. It is music to my ears to hear someone else talking about defining the value in a traditional British farming system. Especially when that someone is a representative of the… Read more »

Cup North 2015

Last weekend I drove up to Manchester to attend Cup North at the Victoria Warehouse. It was a fascinating event bringing together coffee roasters, baristas, coffee machine suppliers and coffee connoisseurs from all over the country. There were films about the origins of coffee, ‘cupping’ competitions and barista demonstrations, all engulfed in a heady aroma… Read more »

Cup North gets the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise

Cup North, a major coffee festival outside of London will be the first coffee festival to use Free Range Milk across the event. The milk bearing the Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise label will be supplied by Stephenson’s Food & Dairy from Morecambe in Lancashire. Manchester is seeing a huge rise in coffee culture and… Read more »

Autumn Gold or Summer Silk – it’s not just milk

The clocks went back last weekend and British summertime has officially come to an end. The arrival of autumn in all of its resplendent colours marks another change in the seasons and nowhere is this more evident than on our farms and in our countryside. Yet industrial food and farming increasingly finds new ways to… Read more »

Is intensification a key threat to biodiversity?

I was very grateful to be given the opportunity recently to give a presentation about intensive farming and Free Range Dairy in Pembrokeshire, a very beautiful part of Wales. On their doorstep is the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the only coastal national park of its kind in the United Kingdom and one of three national… Read more »

The difference Fairtrade makes, and how you can be a part of it

By Emma Van Der Merwe, Media and PR Manager for Fairtrade Foundation. In response to the on-going dairy farmers’ protests, Fairtrade Foundation’s Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Barbara Crowther, recently wrote a blog post on the Fairtrade Foundation’s website, entitled “Is it time for Fairtrade milk (again)?” Here’s an excerpt: “Shoppers in Asda in Stafford must have got a shock when they… Read more »

Working to make a difference in dairy

It was great to have the chance to explain more about the work Free Range Dairy is doing on BBC Farming Today (it starts about 10:34 into the programme) this morning. We are a Community Interest Company and we believe that keeping cows in fields is in the interests of a broad community – farmers, consumers and,… Read more »

Collaborating to deliver a sustainable choice

  Everything we have achieved to date at Free Range Dairy has been delivered through communication and collaboration with others who share similar values. That’s not just about the farmers we work with, it’s also about the people who buy and consume our milk too. Recently we have enjoyed the privilege of sharing our ideas… Read more »

Speaking as one

I have talked to so many people about the concept of Free Range Milk over the years and those conversations began with the farmers that produce the milk. But, explaining that not all milk is the same and what free range means for cows has required much wider engagement. So, today, our work is largely… Read more »

What next for dairy farmers …

After weeks of coverage in the media things have gone quiet for dairy farmers. It doesn’t mean the problem has been resolved just that other stories have moved to eclipse the current crisis. Free Range Dairy is still getting calls from desperate farmers looking for a home for their milk. Out of these some are… Read more »

Why we need you now

Free Range Dairy already has members who represent a diverse range of milk producers of different size and scale. Some are on enviable contracts with major retailers, some are co-op members and some really don’t know where their milk ends up. But, they all have one thing in common – they all want consumers to… Read more »




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