Will protest deliver what farmers need?

Disruptive protests by French farmers, who have blocked roads, dumped manure in front of public buildings and let pigs loose in supermarkets in response to low prices for milk and meat, have been well documented in the British press. Whilst, perhaps due to a lack of disruption on the highways and not a whiff of… Read more »

Celebrate! It’s Cow Appreciation Day

Free Range Dairy is celebrating Cow Appreciation Day, to say thank you to all the cows that provide us with fresh, nutritious milk that is used by almost every household in Britain. Today there are around 1.8 million dairy cows on British farms and we hope you will join us in showing your appreciation for all… Read more »

UK’s first free range milk launched today

Out of the dairy crisis comes a good news story for farmers, cows and consumers. The Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise label will make it easier for consumers to make an informed choice when buying their daily pint of milk and support farmers by paying a fair price for keeping their cows in fields. Persistent… Read more »

The Rise of the Ethical Consumer

Today is a special day for Free Range Dairy Network as we officially launch the Pasture Promise label. People might try to dismiss Free Range Dairy as small fry or a niche but by doing so they are missing an important point. People are making ethical food buying decisions everyday based on a variety of… Read more »

Support your local dairy farmers

Free Range Dairy has three core principles A fair price for farmers Freedom for cows to graze for six months Affordable, healthy milk for consumers What is also important for Free Range Dairy Network is to match local farmers to local markets and their communities. People have said they want to pay more for their… Read more »

Divided we stand – inequality in the milk market

With the average farm gate price for milk in the UK at 24.96 pence per litre in March (source: DairyCo), some 25% lower than March 2014, it’s easy to see why there is so much pain and suffering in the dairy industry right now. But, as producers desperately seek some sort of foothold for the future, the… Read more »

The Green, Green Grass of Home

As we look forward to another hopefully sunny Bank Holiday weekend it reminds me of the last one I spent visiting Margam Country Park in Wales. I was pleasantly surprised to see a formerly considered extinct breed called Glamorgan Cattle with two new calves. It was thought that the Glamorgan breed had died out in… Read more »

The Isle of Free Range Milk

As you might have seen from a recent press release in Scotland myself and fellow Director Neil Darwent from Free Range Dairy Network where invited to meet with all the dairy farmers on the Island of Bute. It might only be 35mins on the ferry from the mainland but that short journey takes you to… Read more »

Collaboration delivers

Free Range Dairy seeks to secure a fair reward for milk producers who commit to grazing their cows for at least half of the year. People tell us they think farmers deserve more and that they want a clear assurance that cows are given the freedom to graze. So, when you choose free range milk… Read more »

Food Waist

I’ve been to a couple of interesting talks on food recently. Food Talks at Impact Hub Kings Cross and the Future of our Food at City University. Both talked about sustainable food systems and whether our current business model and food production systems are fit for the future. The answer from leading academics and… Read more »

In a world of integration we need some segregation

Once upon a time there were small dairies in most towns and cities around the UK buying milk from local farmers and selling it to local customers. But, over the last 30 years the drive to deliver cheap food has led to consolidation of dairy processing and the development of super dairy plants handling huge volumes… Read more »

Can ethical choices help the dairy crisis?

  A few weeks ago there was some talk about Fairtrade milk as a way to help farmers in the current dairy crisis. This would be great news for the general public who want to be given the chance to make more ethical food choices including supporting dairy farmers in the UK. This is the reason… Read more »

Doing what it says on the label

Retailers have spent a lot of time and money building their reputation for quality and value, to win trust and confidence from their customers. However, there have been one or two hiccups along the way. The horsemeat scandal in 2013 was enormously damaging to the integrity of the supply chain, with everyone wondering where it would… Read more »

Reduced farmer membership fees

Delivering lasting change in the fortunes of British dairy farmers is quite an undertaking, against the backdrop of increasing market volatility. That’s why we are really grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received from farmers. Free Range Dairy is all about creating an opportunity – instead of sitting back and waiting for… Read more »

Feedback from farmer meetings

Since the middle of November 2014 we have run twelve meetings for farmers around the country – from Cumbria to Cornwall. Thanks to all those who came along, listened, asked questions and put forward their ideas – it has been time well spent for us. It is quite evident from the dozens of feedback forms we have that… Read more »

Free Range Dairy Milk – a way forward

The papers are full of stories about the dairy crisis and how there is no silver lining in store for UK dairy farmers. The situation is set to continue and possibly get worse as milk quotas end this year and even more cheap milk floods the market. Dairy farmers are now facing a lose/lose situation… Read more »

Remaining meeting dates

We are still running a number of Free Range Dairy meetings for farmers around the country to explain our objectives, outline standards for free range milk production and provide details of our strategy for getting free range milk to market. There is growing interest in the opportunity to distinguish and brand milk from cows that… Read more »

Support free range – a value solution to a volume crisis

A lot of people are asking how they can help farmers in the midst of the current dairy crisis and want to know where they can source their milk to ensure the producer gets a fair reward. There is understandably some confusion over who is paying farmers a fair price and who is not right… Read more »

Turning milk into water

Last week I took part in a debate about the value of milk compared to bottled water and, in my research, I learned some interesting things about the UK bottled water market and the way in which it is promoted and marketed. There are some interesting comparisons between the volume and value of both the… Read more »

Farmer Meetings January 2015

I know everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas now but I just want to update you with details of meetings we are holding for farmers in the New Year. We have lots to talk about – progress with establishing producer standards, our feasibility study and some very interesting consumer research carried out as part of… Read more »




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