Tell retailers you want to make a more informed choice

If we are going to build a brighter future for farmers, cows and consumers, we need to demand a more informed choice when buying milk. But, right now, supermarkets and other retailers do not segregate milk produced by traditional, grazing herds that are grazed for a minimum of 6 months of the year to make Pasture Promise free range milk.

We know that the British public want to see cows in fields and are prepared to pay farmers a fair reward for giving their cows the freedom to graze. So, we have produced a simple letter, calling for retailers to stock milk bearing the Pasture Promise logo, which you can print, sign and deliver to your local retailer when you are out shopping.

The retailers tell us that they stock what people want to buy. So, please hand a signed copy of the letter to the person behind the counter or at the Customer Services desk and provide an email address to which they can respond.

We want free range milk from a grazing system you can trust, so make sure you ask for Pasture Promise free range milk.

You can download and print the letter here.

Together we can drive change and ensure future generations can enjoy healthy British milk from cows in fields.

Thank you!


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