Survey Result

Who took part?


The survey was posted here on the website and respondents were able to fill it in online. But, we also sent out paper copies of the survey as inserts in British Dairying Magazine, South West Farmer and with National Milk Records. Although we originally had a closing date of 31st January, a considerable number of surveys were returned throughout February and were included in the results you see here.

A total of 595 surveys were returned (84 online and 511 via the Freepost address) from farmers running over 99,000 cows, with an average herd size of 167 head. The table below shows the distribution of farmers who completed the survey and also the average herd size for each region. It is perhaps not surprising that the largest responses came from what might be regarded as the traditional dairy farming regions – the South West, the North West and Wales. However, it is quite evident that despite falling numbers, we are still a widespread industry.

Of those who completed the survey 87% indicated they were ‘conventional’ farmers, 10% were organic and the remaining three percent were either unique or confused!

South West 182 174
North West 93 150
West Midlands 55 172
East Midlands 33 166
Yorkshire 30 142
South East 21 276
North East 9 168
East 8 139
Wales 76 172
Northern Ireland 48 128
Scotland 35 177
Other 5 163


What did they tell us?


The survey questions were grouped under different headings as shown below. You can find the answers to each question that we posed by clicking on the link below.

  1. Business Planning and Productivity
  2. How you see and run your farming business today
  3. How consumers see us


Use the navigation buttons on each page to direct you to the next question or to return to this page.



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  • It would be good to see a list of those members and businesses who have signed up so I as a consumer can make a judgement on who I buy my dairy produce from.

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